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Come on in!

Welcome to Norfolk Montessori Academy (NMA),

an independent, co-educational facility focusing on the growth and education of children from 16 months to 5 years of age. Located in the heart of the Ingleside Community, our facility was specifically designed for children and is an outstanding example of the Montessori prepared environment

We celebrate diversity and strive to instill integrity, compassion and confidence in each child. We provide each child with independence and encouragement to become his or her own unique self. Through self motivation, self reliance, self-esteem, the child becomes a healthy, independent human being, thereby a contributing member to society.

Our primary mission is to provide a prepared Montessori environment that is nurturing, consistent and safe, and to serve the total development of the child. Our curriculum skillfully weaves artistic and practical disciplines into everyday learning. Our students thrive because they are allowed to develop at their own pace in an inviting and intimate setting.

"It is the child who learns motivation through work", Maria Montessori (1870 -1952). Our philosophy is to provide a prepared environment based on the principles of Dr. Montessori. Dr. Montessori believed that self motivation is the only valid impulse to learning. Her philosophy focuses on the developmental needs of the child with the freedom to explore within limits. The is two fold--it is a philosophy of the developmental stages of a child and it serves as a tool to provide for such growth.

The doors of Norfolk Montessori Academy opened in May of 2005 by E. Michel Griffin. Ms. Griffin commits herself to the Montessori teaching method. We invite you to visit our facility and acquire first hand knowledge of our love and commitment to the Montessori philosophy.

To learn more, please visit our office or give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions

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